ESP host successful boxing clinic

East Sepik Boxing Association’s clinic was hailed success.

The one-week program started on November 20 and concluded on 26th generated lots of interest from both the fighters and the technical officials.

The clinic started with tips on boxing like – how to take a stand on the boxing ring for boxers, to how to effectively officiating bouts – for technical officials and ends with boxing bouts. All the trial bouts took place at Pora Oval with fighters putting what they were taught into practice.

While the male fighters showed strike powers in the ring, the women fighters showed their class to square up against their opponents on the ring.

Junior Kauko Raka, who facilitated the clinic said: “I saw some potential in fighters that they can do better but they need someone with boxing experience to boost them in the sport; and my involvement was massive for the Boxing Association.”

Raka further said, “The young boxers already know my name. When is arrived in Wewak, they came forward and greeted me even before the clinic started.

“There is huge interest in boxing up there but they need exposure. So my involvement meant so much for the East Sepik Boxing Association.”

Raka believes the boxers and the technical officers learned a lot. They would be the side to watch in the upcoming PNG Games set for January 2024.

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