Dolphins predict Russian victory

Dolphins in the Russian city of Yaroslavl are predicting the hosts will win their football World Cup quarter-final against Croatia 3-1 and move into the last four of the tournament.

Dolphins Mitya and Solnyshko were thrown round discs depicting the flags of the two countries in their pool and had to bring them back.

Both came back at the same time for a 1-1 draw after the first run before the Russian flag was returned faster by Mitya in the last two throws for a predicted 3-1 Russia.

The dolphins are part of a growing menagerie of animals predicting World Cup games.

This cornucopia so far includes a goat, a cat, a lemur, hippos Milya, Glyasik and Nizhny Novgorod's tapir Cleopatra as well as Sochi's Harry the otter, whose career as a pundit could be on the skids after wrongly predicting Spain would beat Russia.