Devils outlast Seagulls to claim first premiership since 1998

​The 2021 Intrust Super Cup champions are the Norths Devils who defeated Wynnum Manly Seagulls in a tough and hard fought match.

Both teams had to contend with a swirling wind that made fielding kicks hard, but the match was still high quality and intense.

Norths Devils coach Rohan Smith was full of emotion following the win which meant so much to him.

"I am just so proud of the whole squad, club, everyone who has contributed," Smith said.

"I don't know if there's another word to say how proud I am.

"I just love this club, I love the people involved.

“It could have gone either way that’s for sure, Wynnum Manly are a great team and it had to go one way and fortunately, we hung in there and found a great try at the end."

Seagulls coach Adam Brideson, who endured similar disappointment following the 2019 decider, was proud of his players and their season.

"Super proud of the effort, it was game that could have gone either way," Brideson said.

"Norths were fantastic mate, and ultimately came away with the result.

"Credit to Norths and Rohan, they have had a fantastic job and unfortunately there had to be a loser and it was us again.

"But I am super proud, the club is a really good spot, there are some fantastic people there and unfortunately today, we couldn't put it together, but massive congratulations to our Colts who were able to get it done today."


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Collen Edwards, QRL Content Producer