Cricket PNG tackles issue of GBV

Coalition for Change (CFC) and Cricket PNG (CPNG) officially announced the continuation of their partnership to tackle the issue of domestic violence against women and children.

This was made possible by the signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the CPNG Office on January 22nd.

Under this MOU, CPNG will continue to tackle the issue of domestic violence against women and children by:

  1. Carrying out awareness activities in schools and the communities
  2. Working together with CFC to support various promotional activities
  3. Arranging for educational workshops to be undertaken for all national players and staff
  4. Providing other support to CFC where necessary

“Domestic violence is a big problem throughout the world not only in PNG. Cricket PNG is very proud to be an ambassador in this country to help promote change and get the education out there through our BSP school program and community initiatives through our KBO programs," said CPNG chairperson, Helen Macindoe.

CPNG CEO, Greg Campbell, said: “As an organisation we take this issue very seriously and have put in place clauses in all our contracts for players and staff that this will not be tolerated and that there are serious consequences.

“We are proud to say we have had zero instances and that our staff are seen as role models in the community. We aim to lift awareness, including the education in our programs, to help change attitudes and tolerance to these issues in the communities.”

CFC Chairperson, Lana Kami, said: “Organisations support causes like these intermittently and get our (CFC) logo on show but Cricket PNG take it to the next level and help us educate with their partners and their reach through the cricket community, for change. We need more organisations to follow their lead, really invest in the programs, and change the future for our children.”

The MOU was signed for another two years extending the relationship to four years while there are plans to be involved well beyond 2021.

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