Kone Tigers Legacy Continues

Kone Tigers Rugby League club is a house hold name in the rugby league community and a club that has produced many rugby league greats for the country in the past.

To date the club continues to produce talented young players who are representing the club by making it to tier one, two and three competitions.

The name Kone Tigers has become synonymous over the years, where players have come and gone for generations and still have a representation in Port Moresby Rugby League since its inception in the late 60s.

With the club more than 50 years old, since its establishment it has actively participated in the PRL competitions such as the recent 9s tournament and the Season Proper matches.

Kone Tigers Rugby League Club is a starting point for many rugby league players who have begun their rugby league carriers and to date, it is still producing and exposing many raw talents that have exceeded expectations and moving forward to representing their club and the country in the Kumuls, and now with the Digicel Cup and the Hunters.

Former Tigers that have played in the past and current retirees , are now back to supporting the young guns who love the sport of rugby league, but more so following in the footsteps of their fathers and grandfathers who were so passionate about the sport of rugby league.

Current players in the Kone Tigers team have watched the game growing up to now playing in the Kone Tigers team representing the club in various competitions in the city. Other have taken a step further to compete abroad. For these youngsters, there are now in a position to create their own legacy.

To date the Kone Tigers legacy still continues on with current generation of players taking the lead and keeping the spirit of rugby league alive and the club active, where the Waigani Oval has become their home ground in Port Moresby.

Godwin Eki