Woman admits to killing cousin

A mother of three has pleaded guilty to killing her own cousin in April 2015 after she found the woman sleeping with her husband.

Olivia Warome of Watabung village, Daulo, Eastern Highlands Province today admitted before the Waigani National court to killing Wendy Wauwe on the night of April 18, 2015 at the Five-Mile ridge settlement in NCD.

She was arrested  and charged on April 30, 2015 for wilfully and unlawfully murdering another person (Wauwe).

The State presented the indictment or charge against her in court today, amending the charge to manslaughter, which she pleaded guilty to.

Warome was 27 at the time she stabbed Wauwe, a woman the State said was her cousin.

On the night of the killing, she set out to find her husband, after he did not return home, three days after his fortnight. She stabbed Wauwe in her sleep after she found them asleep at one of her husband’s relatives’ house.  

She surrendered at the Police station that same night.

Her husband,  Kume Keware, after realising Wauwe was dead, dressed her up, put her in a van and took her body behind the Telikom Rumana area where he dumped it. The body was later discovered by police investigating officers.

Keware was arrested and charge by police on May 3, 2015 with failing to report the death of the woman. His case will also go for trial in the National Court soon.

Warome will return to court in two week’s time where submissions will be made in court by her lawyer and the State on what penalty the court should impose on her.

She remains on an extended bail of K1,000 at the discretion of the court.


Sally Pokiton