WNB Women Extend Support to Eruption Victims

In response to the aftermath of the Mount Ulawun eruption in West Britain Province, the Provincial Council of Women (PCW) has taken a proactive role in aiding displaced families, particularly focusing on women and children residing in care centers.

Secretary of the Provincial Council of Women, Siwa Matawe, announced the successful donation initiative, where 28 bags of clothing were contributed by women across the province. The items included clothes for children, youth, men, and women and were distributed to Kabaya Care Center by Women Representative Agatha Kapi and the women of Nakanai.

She expressed gratitude for the huge support, emphasizing the collaborative effort that spanned three districts, 12 LLGs, and 119 wards. She highlighted the importance of providing a variety of items to cater to the diverse needs of the affected population.

Mrs. Kapi and her team not only delivered the donated items but also distributed garden food to both Kabaya and Sovula Care Centers.

The Provincial Council of Women also have plans to donate food once transport arrangements are confirmed.

Caretaker Provincial Administrator Hubert Kava conveyed thanks on behalf of the Provincial government. He recognized the substantial impact the donations would have on the affected communities in care centres, expressing optimism that the contributions would bring joy to those grappling with the aftermath of the volcanic eruption.

Acting Director of Provincial Disaster, Clement Bailey expressed gratitude for the resilience and cooperation of the people of West New Britain. He emphasized the need for effective coordination to ensure that support reaches all affected individuals, especially in Bialla and Ulamona care centres.

The collaborative efforts of the Provincial Council of Women, provincial authorities, and the community at large demonstrate a united front in providing essential support to those affected by the recent volcanic eruption in West Britain Province.

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