WNB musicians to raise funds for quake victims

The West New Britain musicians have set up a date on March 24, 2018, to raise funds for the earthquake disaster victims in the Southern Highlands and Hela provinces.

The initiative was driven by one of West New Britain’s talented musician and pastor, Jayson Raphael Meli.

Mr Meli told this newsroom in a phone interview that the least they can do to help the victims is through music.

 “I was in Goroka attending a crusade when we felt the earthquake and heard of the news about the disaster the next day.

“The idea of helping the victims came to my mind and I decided to make contacts with musicians in the province and decided to do a fundraising appeal for the victims.”

He said the theme of the fundraising is ‘West for Souths’ and aims to get as more business houses to raise the funds for the victims.

 “The least we, as simple people can do to help our brothers and sisters in the stricken provinces is to raise funds through the music.”

He clarified that, they will be using the same account set up by the Government to raise the funds.

The BSP Earthquake Disaster Restoration Trust Account is 7012985888.

Meli further elaborated that all the funds will be given to the Provincial Administrator Williamson Hosea to give to the quake disaster provinces on behalf of the province.

Meantime he is appealing to all the people in the province to support and raise funds for the victims as everything they donate or give will be for a worthy cause.

Freddy Mou