Unhygienic facilities force school suspension

The Eki Vaki Primary School in NCD has been suspended for an indefinite period due to the unhygienic state of its sanitary facilities.

The indefinite suspension began last Thursday when students were sent home after an inspection by NCDC Health officers on March 8th.

This led to a suspension notice served on the school principal.

The sanitary facilities, classrooms and the management of waste did not comply with Chapter 226 of the Public Health Regulations Part III - on Sanitary Convenience.

Health defects found included ablution buildings in a deteriorating phase, water closet malfunction and no hand wash basins, closed toilets, sanitary facilities insufficient compared to student numbers and no water taps.

Classrooms are also deteriorating with holes in the roof, careless waste disposal, leading to rubbish piling up behind the ablution area.

NCDC Senior Health Inspector for Moresby North-West, George Karaliyo, served the indefinite closure with recommendations to be met.

A clearance letter for the school’s reopening will be issued once the identified health issues are solved to NCDC Health office satisfaction.

Karaliyo said the students can easily get sick and they cannot learn well if they continues their studies in the environment that is not conducive for human existence.

“We have to serve the indefinite notice so that immediate actions are taken to fix the problems for the good of these children attending Ekivaki Primary School,” said Karaliyo.

Cedric Patjole