ToBaining calls for investigations into ENB leaders

East New Britain Governor Ereman ToBaining Jnr is calling on police hierarchy to investigate ENB leaders involved in various corrupt and incestuous activities.

ToBaining made this call after rumours of incest, allegedly by Deputy Prime Minister Sir Leo Dion, went viral on social media.

ToBaining told Loop PNG today that he had made various calls to the police authority to investigate and arrest those involved but nothing has been done yet.

However, Assistant Commissioner of Police for New Guinea Islands, Anton Billie, clarified that the report is now with the vetting committee at the Police Headquarters for directives.

He confirmed that they received a complaint about the incident but treated it as not genuine as it was not from those involved or from a family member.

“Why come up with such complaints during this election period?

“People with ulterior motives are always looking for ways to tarnish the reputation of leaders because they have hidden agendas.”

ACP Billie reiterated that people with vested interests and hidden motives will always come up with stories to destroy the reputation of leaders.

Freddy Mou