Schram case dismissed

The Waigani District Court has dismissed the false pretence case against sacked UNITECH vice-chancellor, Dr Albert Schram.

The case has been dismissed six months after the National Court allowed him to temporarily leave the country and return by June 12, 2018.

The District Court issued a warrant for his arrest soon after he failed to return by June 12 last year.

That warrant was revoked yesterday and Magistrate Alex Kalandi discharged the false pretence allegations against Schram, because the court has no information of his whereabouts.

He was arrested over allegations he produced falsified and fraudulent documents relating to his PhD qualification which he obtained on 24 November 1994 from the European University Institute.

The court was also told Schram was unable to obtain the original copy of the PhD certificate and needed to go through Court in Italy to obtain it.

He has since not returned nor sought an extension of his bail variation from the National Court, after he was allowed to, on May 22 last year.

Sally Pokiton