Dr Albert Schram

Schram case dismissed

The case has been dismissed six months after the National Court allowed him to temporarily leave the country and return by June 12, 2018.

The District Court issued a warrant for his arrest soon after he failed to return by June 12 last year.

That warrant was revoked yesterday and Magistrate Alex Kalandi discharged the false pretence allegations against Schram, because the court has no information of his whereabouts.

Schram yet to return to PNG

He was not present at the Waigani Committal Court yesterday and again today when his case returned for mention.

His lawyer Greg Manda briefly told the court he will return in September.

A copy of his affidavit and medical certificate was sent via email and was given to the Committal court by Manda today.

Schram was unable to make it back to PNG also due to his medical condition, the court was told.

The court was also told Schram was unable to obtain the original copy of the PHD certificate and needs to go through Court in Italy to obtain it.

Dr Schram allowed to travel

The Waigani National Court granted leave to Schram’s bail variation application today, allowing him to travel out of the country.

The former two-term VC, who is on a tourist visa, was granted permission to temporarily leave the country and travel to Italy.

The purpose of his trip is to go back to the European University Institute in Florence, Italy, and bring his original PhD certificate, which is the subject of his case in the Committal Court.

Ruling on Schram application tomorrow

Dr Schram is asking the court to vary his bail conditions and allow him to travel overseas.

He intends to travel to Italy and return by June 12.

The purpose of his trip is to obtain his original PhD certificates to assist him defend his case. 

Schram is currently in the country on a tourist visa. His work visa was revoked upon his termination.

He is currently facing allegations of false pretence in the Committal Court.

Schram’s case continues next week

Dr Schram’s lawyer, Greg Manda, moved the application before Justice Panuel Mogish of the National Court yesterday.

He asked to be allowed to travel to Italy to bring the original copy of his PHD certificate back to PNG to defend a criminal case against him before the Committal Court.

However, his lawyer did not meet one of the requirements for such applications, which was to produce two guarantors who will ensure Dr Schram returns to the country.  

Schram to serve application on state

His lawyer Greg Manda appeared before the Waigani National Court today where he was told to serve the application on the Public Prosecutors office.

The application was served on police informant this morning at 9:46 when it should have been served on the state.

The court also had its concerns on this case, urging police to treat the facts of the case with urgency.

In any criminal case, Justice Panuel Mogish said the onus is on the state to prove allegations beyond reasonable doubt and not for the accused to fight for innocence.

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For the past three years, there have been a series of incidents of violence, sabotage and kidnapping that are clearly connected with frustrations and discontent about the LNG project.



District court refuses to relax Schram’s bail conditions

District court refuses to relax Schram’s bail conditions

Dr Schram had filed for bail variation on the 10th of May to allow him to travel to Italy to bring back the original copy of his PhD certificate – which is the subject of his case.

His lawyer, Greg Manda, from Greg Manda lawyers, had filed the application under section 20 of the Bail Act.

Schram seeks bail variation to travel

Dr Schram was arrested on Wednesday this week and charged with false pretence.

He was arrested over allegations he produced falsified and fraudulent documents relating to his PhD qualification, which he obtained on 24 November 1994 from the European University Institute.

He appeared at the Committal Court on Thursday after he was allowed police bail of K2,000.

He returned today before the same court with his lawyer, seeking variations to be made to his bail conditions.

Police boss refutes claims of Schram’s arrest

The media was informed yesterday afternoon of the imminent arrest of the former University of Technology vice chancellor, which was supposedly going to happen today at 9am.

However, N’Dranou says he did not authorise any arrest.

“It is unfortunate that someone told you that Dr Schram has been or will be arrested,” said the NCD police boss.

“His case is still under investigation.

“It is yet to be completed before an arrest can be made so someone is jumping the gun here.

“I just spoke to the case officer and he still needs to follow certain processes.”