Say no to violence!

Say no to violence against women!

This was the message advocated at Rosalyn Albaniel Evara’s funeral at the Reverend Sione Kami Memorial Church in Port Moresby today.

During her tribute, pictures of her badly bruised body, taken a short time after her passing, were publicly displayed.

The shocking revelation of the alleged violence she seemingly endured until her last breath came as a surprise to many who were in attendance.

It was a normal funeral like any other, however nearing the end of the eulogy, a relative wearing a ‘Say no to violence against women’ T-shirt walked up to the podium.

During her tribute, she spoke of Rosalyn’s experience and alleged that the late journalist had been subject to a violent marriage.

A slide of graphic images showing fresh bruises were displayed. These pictures were taken just a day after Rosalyn passed.

The relative claimed Rosalyn had been planning to move back to her family home in Gabutu when she passed away.

A deathly silence met her revelations. This happened just before the casket was brought out.

It was also stated by family members from her father’s side that a case had been filed against the husband of the late Rosalyn Albaniel however, it was dropped upon another relative’s request.

(Relatives at the late Rosalyn Albaniel’s funeral)

Imelda Wavik