RVO refutes second volcanic eruption claims

The Rabaul Volcanological Observatory has put to rest rumours of a second volcanic eruption in East Sepik Province.

“Reports of 12km high plumes above Bam (Biem) and Kadovar were probably thunder clouds,” stated the Observatory.

Furthermore, the RVO said meteorologists have reported thunderstorms in the vicinity, with tops consistent with the 12km reported heights.

“The images from Bam (Biem) purportedly showing a ‘sulphur plume’ in the water at the coast are probably showing long standing thermal feature,” says the Observatory.

Additionally, the RVO said a number of islanders returning from Biem yesterday have reported no unusual activity apart from tremors.

“These tremors could be from the Kadovar eruption. A better picture of their location will emerge in the next couple of days,” states the RVO.

(Picture: Allan Bird Facebook page)

Carmella Gware