Ripped testicles case: Verdict soon

A man who is in court over allegations he ripped his uncle’s testicles off last year will know his verdict tomorrow; whether he is guilty or will be acquitted of the charge of causing grievous bodily harm.

The trial in the Waigani National Court against the Hela man came to a conclusion today, with his lawyer and the state prosecutor presenting their submissions of his verdict in court.

Thomas Warepa stood trial over allegations he caused grievous bodily harm by pulling off Kelo Kewaki’s testicles in the family home at Erima, Port Moresby, on June 25 last year following an argument.

It is alleged that Warepa returned home after having a few drinks with his friends, where he went to sleep in a room next to a baby. The angry mother who found him sleeping next to her child told Kewaki to get the drunk Warepa out of the room. 

Attempts by Kewaki to wake Warepa were unsuccessful, which resulted in him kicking Warepa in the room. Warepa woke up and grabbed Kewaki by his testicles and ripped them off, causing him to lose consciousness. 

They were later sewn back at the hospital. A compensation of K14,000 was given to Kewaki.   

His lawyer told the court today what he did that morning was out of self-defense, and he was provoked to do so after he woke up from being kicked.

The state however, submitted Warepa did so because he was angry, adding self-defense is inconsistent with what he told police during his record of interview.

The court reserved its ruling on the verdict to tomorrow.

Another case that will return tomorrow for a ruling on verdict is one of sexual assault against a minor.

Submissions on verdict were done on Monday against the man who stood trial for two counts of sexual penetration of a 6-year-old.

The incident took place on 18 September 2015.

Meanwhile, a trial against a man, employed as an ancillary staff at one of the PNGDF barracks in Port Moresby, continued today.

On Monday, the victim was called by the state to give evidence in court. Today the medical officer who examined the boy gave evidence.

The trial continues.

Sally Pokiton