Rarongo Theological College graduates inspired

In a momentous event that marked the 12th graduation ceremony of Rarongo Theological College, Sir Moi Avei, an esteemed figure in the country, delivered an inspiring address to the graduating class.

The event on Sunday November 19 in East New Britain was attended by distinguished guests, proud parents and the 45 graduating students.

76-year-old Sir Moi Avei, known for this wisdom, integrity and dedication to serving the nation, captivated the audience with his powerful works. He commended the hard work and perseverance of the graduates and emphasized the significance of their chosen paths

“The future is yours, take it by your two hands. Your success in making a difference is now entirely in your hands. Your parents will expect a tangible return from their investment,” he told the graduates.

Sharing his own experiences, Sir Moi spoke of the obstacles he had encountered and the lessons he had learned throughout his journey. He stressed the importance of staying true to one’s values and using education as a means to serve humanity.

He commended Miriam Moses, a young woman from Miline Bay who successfully completed her Master’s Degree in Theology. Two other young women also graduated with diplomas in Theology.

“Our forefathers heavily involved female participation in the economy and I hope to see more of your sisters graduate with flying colors in the years to come,” Sir Moi Avei said.

The occasion saw the graduates receive their certificates and awards in theology but in respective different programs. 

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