Prison breakouts rare in NIP

Prison breakouts in New Ireland Province is a rare occurrence.

This was confirmed by Acting commander of the Kavieng Correctional Institution, Inspector Lamasisi Marengi.

He said in New Ireland they have a good jail. It’s not like other institutions where prisoners constantly break out.

Inspector Marengi, who is a local from the Tigak LLG, has spent 40 years in the correctional service field.

He said he’s been to other prison camps like Buimo and Bomana that have experienced a number of escapes but when he arrived in New Ireland, nothing of that sort has happened.

However, the province’s correctional institute is facing a number of longstanding issues, like degrading infrastructure and staff welfare problems.

Inspector Marengi is urging the Government to support the institution by maintaining it.

He further expressed concern that leaders of the province are focusing on politics and forgetting about the people.

He is urging them, from the district level up to the provincial level, to work together and rehabilitate the prisoners, who are also members of the community.

Carmella Gware