Policemen charged with sexual penetration

Two policemen based at the Hohola Police Station were arrested and charged for sexual penetration and being in possession of pornographic materials.

The Policing the Police Task Force Team (PPTFT) made the arrest on January 18th.

The two were identified as First Constable Leo Kambao, charged for sexual penetration, and Chief Sergeant Ben Trepi, charged for sexual penetration, possession of pornographic materials and production of pornographic videos. Trepi is Second Officer in Charge (2IC) of Hohola Police Station.

The incident occurred twice on the 10th and 12th of January at the Hohola Police Station.

An 18-year-old victim was detained at the Station for wounding another female. However, as the female cell block was condemned, she was kept outside but within the police station when the alleged offences occurred.

The first incident occurred on January 10th at 10pm. Police allege that Kambao, who was working on night shift, called her into his office and told her to undress. Police allege that Kambao told the prisoner to do as he asked and he would drop her charges. She refused but Kambao allegedly used force, grabbed her and sexually penetrated her using his hands.

The second incident occurred on January 12th at 10am. Trepi allegedly called the same victim into his office and asked if she wanted to watch a video while waiting for her charges. She agreed and Trepi allegedly played a pornographic video.

The victim stated that she was surprised but too scared to say anything. While the video was on, Trepi allegedly asked the prisoner to have sex with him but she refused. He allegedly threatened her with a knife and sexually penetrated her with his fingers.

After the incidents were reported to police, the PPTFT confiscated Trepi’s computer on 14 January. Trepi, however had allegedly deleted all the videos and claimed to have been falsely accused.

The task force team’s Information Technology (IT) specialist retrieved the files in the hard drive and found several folders of pornographic videos as well as Trepi’s own series of pornographic video productions with three different women.

Both suspects have been detained at the Boroko Police cells awaiting their court appearances.

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