Police Unit receive timely support

The MS 19 UNIT in West New Britain Province were presented with new uniforms recently by the Nakanai District Development Authority Deputy Chairman Roderick Bibilo on behalf of Nakanai MP and Oil Palm Minister Francis Galia Maneke.

The presentation of the uniforms is part of the districts five-year development plan that will implement four key programs with one being ‘Support to Police Operations’.

Mr Bibilo in his address acknowledged the services delivered by the Police force especially the MS 19 and was happy to show the distict’s support in providing the much needed uniforms to help them continue the good work.

“Mi gat bikpla hamamas that wanpla MS Squad ken base long province na mi luk forward long continued support na wok wantaim long team MS Squad long hia na DDA Board,” said Mr Bibilo.

Nakanai Acting District Administrator, Wilfred Augustine said law and order is a priority for the District and thanked Minister Maneke and the Nakanai DDA for acknowledging and approving the request of his administration in the purchase of the uniforms.

“Displa sapot mipla givim lo police is captured in our 5-year development plan. Mipla gat four key result areas lo strategic outcomes where mipla lukluk long implementim na kisim lo insait lo displa five year. Statim long dis year inap long 2027. One of those key result areas is ‘manageable law and order issues’. We know that law and order em wanpla bikpla issue insait long province. Na lo Nakanai district em bikpla area tumas,” said Mr. Augustine.

The DDA came up with four programs with delivering change and development.

  • Church-governed partnership program working alongside the government in supporting the church to deliver its work effectively 
  • Working with youths through a Youth Rehabilitation Program, involving them in the likes of the upkeep of community properties
  • The effective operation of village court inside of for four respective wards and the support to police operations.

Acting PPC Senior Inspector, Oscar Tobing thanked the Nakanai DDA for the timely and much needed presentation of the uniforms.

He said: “Most of our employees now on the street are half dressed. You have come in the best way forward where morale is low. Through that uniform that you purchased for them, it will boost work, relationship with the Nakanai District and the province.”


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