Police officers suspended pending investigation

Three serving police officers attached to Kimbe Police Station have been suspended from duty for 21 days.

Their suspension commences today.

According to Provincial Police Commander, Jim Namora, their suspension is the result of an ongoing internal police investigation.

The PPC clarified that the investigation was centered around the conduct of these officers and how a police issued firearm which was in their immediate custody ended up with a private security company operating in Kimbe.

The said private Security Company has been reported to be involved in the recent cold blooded murder of a man in Kimbe town and many other firearm incidents which have been registered with Kimbe Police. 

The three suspended police officers will remain suspended until all avenues of the investigations are concluded.

The three, together with a Rural Police Station Commander of Sarakolok Police Station, have since been arrested and charged with one count each for Failure to Keep Safe custody of a state issued asset under section 51 of the Firearms Act.

Meantime, additional criminal charges are expected to be pressed on them with more police officers anticipated to be arrested and charged as the internal investigations continue.

Freddy Mou