PNG Civil Registry opens office in Chimbu

The Papua New Guinea Civil and Identity Registry has opened the Simbu Provincial Civil and Identity Registry in Kundiawa town on March 10, 2017.

The office was commissioned by the Registrar General of Papua New Guinea, Dickson Kiragi and was officiated by Simbu Governor, Noah Kool, Provincial Administrator Joe Kunda and other senior officers from the provincial administration.

During the commissioning of this office Otto Sine was appointed as Provincial Registrar and is responsible for signing of certificates within the Chimbu Province.

Kiragi in his opening remarks thanked the Simbu Provincial Government for their support towards the opening of the office and look forward to their continued support to encourage registration within the province.

Governor Kool, thanked the Papua New Guinea Civil and Identity Registry under the guidance of Planning Minister Charles Abel and commended them on the great work they were doing.

Kool said he was pleased that this service has been brought to his province, expressing the importance of the Birth and NID registrations for the people at the grassroots level and those that wished to register their ILG’s (Incorporated Land Group).

This office launching marks the 16th office to be commissioned under the PNG NID Project.

The office is located next to the Kundiawa Gembolg District Office within the Provincial Community Development area. 

Press statement