Parties Present Policies

Two political parties presented their policies at the 8th Seminar of the Political Parties’ Policies Seminar Series 2021 at the Papua New Guinea National Research (PNG NRI) today. The two political parties were PNG Party and Republican Party.

PNG NRI Director, Dr. Osborne Sanida, welcomed everyone to the 8th Political Parties’ Seminar Series and thanked and acknowledged the participating Party Executives.

General Secretary of PNG Party Kila Poka presented the party’s policies and said the party aims to serve the people to become educated, healthy, wealthy, and productive. The party believes on the Principles of Vision 2050 as its foundational pillars.

The PNG Party places emphasis on integral human development. Poka said the policy platforms are: God first, Integral human development, and zero tolerance on corruption. PNG Party plans to eradicate poverty and middleman strategies systems in PNG. PNG Party is prepared to lead the country if given the opportunity in 2022.

Speaking on behalf of the Republican Party, Founder, and General Secretary Ronald Rimbao is hoping to endorse a few candidates in 2022. He said the party’s focus was based on what you can do for the country. The party intends to change the attitude of the people and this is the focus going into the 2022 National General Elections (NGE). Rimbao asked everyone to do something for the country now. He also emphasised on the need to get more support from Australia, Britain, and Germany going forward.

Commenting on a question raised by a Seminar participant regarding the need for good attitudes by the people, Dr. Sanida said that attitude is very important especially in the roles that parents play in the upbringing of their children with good attitude. With two other areas raised, Dr. Sanida said the role of foreign assistance in the form of aid or investment were important. He also emphasised the need for appropriate governance arrangements to improve service delivery in the country.

While closing the day’s Seminar, Registrar of Political Parties, Dr. Alphonse Gelu thanked everyone for their participation and acknowledged the media for bringing the discussion to public to see. He said political parties should capitalise on the opportunities provided and present their policies.

“The IPPCC plans to change the big man system to policy driven party system in PNG,” Dr. Gelu said.

He said that the ideological stance of a political party was very important to frame its policies accordingly. Dr. Gelu challenged political parties to come up with the policies that are workable and realistic.

Press Statement