Parker murder trial continues

The murder trial against Justin Parker will continue tomorrow morning at the Waigani National Court.

Day two of the trial today, saw the State’s key witness, the daughter of the late Lapan Nason give an account of what she witnessed that morning before the court.

Elsa Nason was the only person who saw what transpired between her late father and the accused, Justin Parker between 4am and 6am of June 6, 2015.

Her evidence is crucial in the case which took both prosecution and the defence the whole morning to cross examine her.

She was the fourth witness from the state.

Three other State witnesses followed after; the Pathologist who conducted the autopsy on the late Nason, a police Forensic photographer and a fellow colleague of the late Nason.

At the close of the State’s case at 3:15pm, Parker’s lawyer Ian Molloy raised the issue of the shirt that was worn by the deceased; a vital material in the case which they thought should have been produced by the State.

The shirt was not produced by the State, despite DNA tests being ordered on it.  

Trial judge and Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika then issued an order for the shirt of the deceased to be brought to court tomorrow at 9:30am.

The trial continues.


Sally Pokiton