Opposition calls on Baki to resign

The Commissioner for Police, Gari Baki has been called on by members of the Opposition to resign from his duties as head of the Police hierarchy.

Opposition leader, Patrick Pruaitch expressed his outmost disgust in a media conference at the lack of immediate action by the Commissioner for Police in regards to the warrant of arrest issued for the Prime Minister.

“We have seen a deliberate delay tactic by the Commissioner for Police and clearly a conflict of interest demonstrated.”

Pruaitch said himself including the members of the opposition have demanded that the Police Commissioner either steps aside or delegate the role of inviting the Prime Minister to have a conversation regarding the matter at hand.

“He should delegate that responsibility to one of his deputies. It is very important for our country and we feel that there must be one law for all citizens in this country.”

He adds that by allowing the Prime Minister to go back to the Supreme Court to obtain another Stay Order; is making a mockery out of our Judiciary system.

“It is a direct mockery when in fact, everyone can see that there are two set of laws; one for the leaders and one for the ordinary citizens of this country.

The Opposition called on the Commissioner for Police to do his job and uphold the integrity of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

“That is an institution that should not be compromised and we believe that the commissioner has a direct conflict of interest in the matter and should hand over that decision to the one of his competent deputies to handle the case independently,” he stressed.

Annette Kora