NTI Gets Vehicles

The people of Namatanai recently witnessed the presentation of two school buses to the Namatanai Secondary School and trucks for the Mama Market for the West Coast Sentral and the Tabar Landowners Association (TLA).

The vehicles worth over K1 million were delivered as another “Belhat Development Project” by Namatanai MP Walter Schnaubelt through the District Development Authority (DDA).

 “I promised the women at West coast Sentral Ward 15 to 18 that they would receive a mama market vehicle and it was delivered,” said Mr Schnaubelt.

“From Kokola to Messi, now the women in those areas will have the opportunity to bring their fresh produce to the market,” he said.

Schnaubelt has urged the local leaders to manage the fleet well  it well to ensure it serves the people of the Tabar Islands.

“There are three islands on Tabar and I want this truck to serve them all. Chairman, I am placing a big responsibility on you and your executives. Every year you will receive K20,000 for registration and maintenance and service of vehicle and administration.”

Schnaubelt also announced that Namatanai Advancement Limited (NAL) would take charge of Mama Market and the two buses for the Namatanai Secondary School.

Mimis Dina of Ward 15 said it had been very challenging trying to get fresh produce to the markets/WFA Buying Point and the new vehicles would be of great help.

“We are very happy and overjoyed because our transport problems have been solved now with the truck we can take our food to market,” Dina said.

An agreement would be signed with NAL, the Namatanai Secondary School (NSS) board of management and teaching faculty for the management and service of the truck including the driver to ensure the vehicle runs on schedule.

“The bus is dedicated to pick the students to take them to school and back home and also any other activities, it will be involved in,” Mr Schnaubelt said.

The new trucks is an added bonus for the people of Tabar Island, which complements the recently concluded launch of Project 79 at Pakinapai village, Mapua.

Although, TLA will take delivery of the truck, the asset belongs to the people of Tabar.

Deputy principal of NSS Joe Goloki said they were grateful for the support and acknowledged the funding support of K100,000, which will support the parent’s component of the school fees.

“Leadership is action and only those who are passionate to serve their people will deliver as we have seen today. Thank you member for helping us,” Mr Goloki said.

Namatanai Secondary school head boy, Jerry Gilawe and head girl, Joan Wilson were grateful of the assistance.

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