Nipa Kutubu MP supports Marape's call

Nipa Kutubu MP, Dr Billy Joseph has supported the call from Prime Minister James Marape urging people to forgive Minister for Foreign Affairs Justin Tkatchenko for using inappropriate terms to defend his daughter.

"With the greatest respect to all of you; the spur of the moment comment by Minister JT was careless and wrong; and happened at a time when we have days before the leaders of two of the world’s greatest economies are coming. 

“Let’s also appreciate that the words were aimed at those who were cyber bullying his daughter; but we in government caucus also felt offended that a national leader should never utter such words. As a result both the good Minister and PM have apologized. 

“I ask that we accept the apology and if anyone is still aggrieved; there are other avenues to seek redress,” he said. 

Dr Billy said Minister Tkatchenko was instrumental in bringing these world leaders to our shores in his capacity as Foreign Affairs Minister. 

“This will be a historic moment for the Marape-Rosso government and our country. 
“I ask that we all rest this issue, and allow Minister Tkatchenko to focus on getting our country prepared to meet the world leaders which is due only nine days from today. 

“We can play our domestic politics; when all is done and dusted.”