NIP’s bid for Autonomy to go before Parlt

New Ireland’s aspiration of attaining autonomy is slowing coming into fruition with the first reading on the proposed amendment to the Constitution on Autonomy expected for presentation in the next Parliament session.

New Ireland Governor, Sir Julius will present the Amendment bill and is hopeful the house will give their unanimous support to make his and New Ireland’s dream a reality. 
The amendment to the Constitution will give effect to grant and establish autonomous governments in PNG, giving provinces like New Ireland attain some level of independence in decision making and development aspirations. 
The proposed amendment will capture the decentralization of powers to achieve;
1. Political Autonomy 
2. Administrative Autonomy
3. Financial Autonomy 
The autonomous arrangement will enable a shared power between the National Government and the Provinces and which will also allow the provinces to remain as an integral part of PNG. 
“The lack of a National Policy and law on autonomy should not continue the status quo on the delay of provinces on the progress towards autonomy, but rather forge ahead to lay the foundation to establish an autonomous status”, he added. 
The Provincial Health Authority Amendment Bill, New Ireland University Bill and Mining Amendment Bill also expected to be presented by the Governor compliments New Ireland’s aspiration of attaining Autonomy. 
That is amendments to the PHA Act to decentralize PHA functions to the provinces and for New Ireland to have its own University to build and grow its own human resource and for landowners to fully benefit from their resources. 
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