New vehicles for Gulf Police

Gulf Province Police were presented with two brand new ten-seater land cruisers yesterday. The vehicles will assist in election operations within the province, and will stay on to assist with policing once elections are over.

The vehicles were handed over to the Gulf Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector Jeffery Lemb at the Southern Divisional Command Headquarter in Port Moresby. The keys to the two vehicles were handed over to PPC Lemb by Police Commissioner David Manning.

“We saw that purchasing vehicles have a longer benefit to the organization and to the commands rather than hiring cars. And we made the decision to purchase quite a sizeable fleet to assist us in delivering the security operations for the elections and of course beyond in serving our provinces and communities that we serve,” said Manning.

The two ten-seaters will join two other vehicles recently given to the Gulf Police to assist with policing in the province. PPC Lemb acknowledged the timely significance of these vehicles.

“We’ll use these two vehicles for the election for the time being, after the elections they will go back to Public Safety, one of the vehicles is going to go to Kikori, the other one will stay with us at Kerema and after the elections they will remain where they are.”

Meantime, Commissioner Manning updated that 40 vehicles have been purchased for all provinces throughout the country, with each province allocated two vehicles for the election period operations.


Marysila Kellerton