New Commander for Goldie Training Depot

The PNG Defence Force Goldie River Depot hosted a parade to mark the handover-takeover of the Commander’s post for Goldie River Training Depot.

Lieutenant Colonel Adrian Eddie Soti succeeds outgoing Commander Lieutenant Colonel Eddie Etato. 

The pace stick was exchanged to signify the appointment, including the exchange of sword.

During his congratulatory speech Lt. Col. Etato challenged his successor to lead with confidence, integrity, and inspire those under his command to continue to achieve success in training.

Etato said leadership is a privilege and a responsibility. Change must be embraced in order to foster a culture of respect and teamwork and ensure the welfare and development of subordinates are prioritized.

Lt. Col. Soti welcomed the challenge, saying when he first took over on August 8 2023; the moral of the organization was low. He vowed to change that and move forward.

He has set out his expectations to improve the level of training in order to attain the highest standard in the force.

“To achieve that, I am focused on instructions, development and professional development to enhance the skills and knowledge of instructions to deliver the high level of training to our soldiers and recruits,” Lt. Col. Soti said.

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