NCDC Served Contempt Charges

National Capital District Commission (NCDC) has confirmed that the TST Group has served contempt charges following the demolition of a fence erected by the Group around portion 292 in Port Moresby, known as the Jack Pidik Park.

NCDC made this announcement in a statement and outlined their course of action going forward.

“We confirm being served contempt charges. We will defend vigorously. We are more determined than ever to do all we can to keep the land as public recreational land. We will explore all avenues in an effort to keep this land as public space for the people of Port Moresby and country,” said the statement.

“We have also asked the Minister for Lands to correct all the poor decisions and management by his Department made in the past regarding Jack Pidik Park.”

“We now have full copy of the Land's files which we were only able to access on 26th of August, for the first time. We are now doing a forensic assessment on the file and will consider all legal options after that.”

Last month NCDC said it was asserting its power as the municipal government for our capital city to plan and manage land use in the city for the benefit of all residents to protect public interest, tearing down the fence put up by TST, who said they had put up the fence to comply with a court order.

TST responded to the demolition by using shipping containers to block off the land.

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