TST Group

NCDC Served Contempt Charges

NCDC made this announcement in a statement and outlined their course of action going forward.

“We confirm being served contempt charges. We will defend vigorously. We are more determined than ever to do all we can to keep the land as public recreational land. We will explore all avenues in an effort to keep this land as public space for the people of Port Moresby and country,” said the statement.

“We have also asked the Minister for Lands to correct all the poor decisions and management by his Department made in the past regarding Jack Pidik Park.”

TST: NCDC in Contempt

In a statement, the company said justice has not been served for them, as they had given up a portion of land for the extension of the Port Moresby General Hospital in exchange for portion 20192, but since then have been denied use of the land.

The company said it has offered the NCDC three options regarding the land.

(1) Buy the land; or

(2) Buy half the land and use it as a recreational use, or

(3) Approve physical planning applications which have included planning for an open space park area to be developed at our cost.


Vendors Displaced

Believed to be hired policemen and security guards on 16th of August, were evicted after a verbal warning was given on 15th of August and on 17th of August the entire area was fenced off. Everything happened within 48 hours.

The Port Moresby Vendors Association has more than five thousand men and women that used the potion of land for their business. The land is understood to be owned by the TST group.

The use of the land was an agreement with the National Capital District Commission, to sell secondhand clothes there, since 2008.