NCD police address ‘missing persons’ reports

Those who continue to put misleading information on social media will be arrested.

The NCD metropolitan superintendent made this statement following numerous missing persons posts on Facebook.

Port Moresby residents have been urged to refrain from inciting fear after several individuals took to social media in recent weeks to post about missing family members or friends without filing reports with police, or in some cases, posting without exhausting all avenues.   

Metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, reiterated that a number of those reported to be missing were, in actual fact, not missing at all.

“Yes there are reports of kidnapping. Nineteen cases reported since 1st of January,” said N’Dranou.

“Half of those reported cases were missing people and one-third of those missing people were derived from conflict amongst family – where women and girls left home.

“Another one-third is from young children, or school-aged children, who somehow miss their pickup point or their guardians were late to pick them up so they had to make their own way. And because of how young they are, they went missing.

“Some of those missing people have been found.”

N’Dranou said out of the reported cases, police are investigating two of them as they believe these cases are serious in nature.

He further said instead of posting on social media, such incidents should be reported quickly to police.

“We need to work together. It’s not good, sitting in the comfort of your homes and start putting information which is causing anxiety and fear.”

He urged residents to take note of suspicious activities or vehicles and alert police.

“Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.”

Carmella Gware