Nationals Submit To Strike Out Case

The three nationals involved in the drug bust case have submitted to strike out the case at the Central Committal Court.

Morgan Mogu and Dominic Terupo through their lawyer Bernard Popeu submitted before Magistrate Alex Kalandi that the charges laid against the two is inappropriate.

The duo are being charged with money laundering and terrorist financing under the Criminal Code Act and Money Laundering Financial Act 2015 section 508.

Their lawyer said that the charge of money laundering is inappropriate.

He instead argued that this is a simple case of possession of “dangerous drugs”.

Shane Dikana’s lawyer, Edward Sassingan submitted that the Police Hand Up brief containing Dikana’s file did not specifically say that the Shane Dikana had transported cocaine in the concealed bag.

He said the concealed bag could have been anything else other than cocaine as alleged by Police.

In response, Prosecutor Binuali Boas submitted that there is a prima facie case against the three nationals and asked that the court commit the matter for trail at the National Court.

The case is adjourned to the September 27th for ruling.

Jemimah Sukbat