Morobe trekkers to brave treacherous range

Thirty-two trekkers from Morobe Province will be braving the elements to conduct a survey for the Lae to Indagen, Kabwum Road Project.

The men and women are from Nabak in Nawaeb district, Burum in Finschhafen and Indagen in Kabwum district.

They were recently transported to Suguza gap in the Nabak hinterlands, equipped with GPS trackers, to conduct social mapping.

Team leader, Mawi Winas, who is a local from Indagen, said it should take them a week before they arrive at his area.

“We are doing this for the benefit of thousands of people who are living behind Mount Saruwaged,” said the 55-year-old. 

“It will be intensely cold; it will rain but we will still continue because we have our safety equipment with us.

“I believe that our journey will be successful and we will bring joy and smiles to the faces of people here.

“We have our sleeping bags, coats, safety boots, knives and axes to clear a path through the foliage and GPS as well.

“This is Anutu’s plan and we will make it through.” 

The road project, connecting the districts of Nawaeb, Finschhafen, Tewae-Siassi and Kabwum, is making progress after years of government negligence. 

The construction of this road is crucial, considering the tragic loss of ten lives during the 2019 Lutheran Church centenary celebration in Indagen.

The team undertaking this task includes three women, young boys and an elderly man. 

They have volunteered to traverse the treacherous Saruwaged Range while carrying the trackers. 

Loop author