Miss PNG leaves for Samoa

Reigning Queen Miss Papua New Guinea, Josie Nicholas left Papua New Guinea today to travel to Apia, Samoa for the 34th Miss Pacific Islands pageant 2023.

After three years, the Miss Pacific Islands pageant 2023 is back and commences on Sunday 29th – through to 4th February 2023. The topic for the pageant is ‘Strength in Unity’. 

Before Miss PNG’s departure, her family hosted a luncheon to officially hand her over to the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant Papua New Guinea to contest the Miss Pacific Islands Crown and complete her 12-month reign.

The handover to contest is a tradition for MPIP PNG and signifies the blessings of her parents and family to encourage her and also grant her words of advice. It is also an opportunity for MPIP PNG to meet the extended family.

“I acknowledge the presence of the Miss Pacific Island Committee, Chaired by Molly O'Rourke, Lewa Kanah and Trends and Relaxo representatives, Waimun Ho GM for Trends Group, Nathan Lai Acting CEO for Trends Beauty International & Miss Alana Auo Social Media Exec for Trends Beauty International.”  

“It is an emotional moment for me, having family and friends show their support today and I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for organizing this event.  We will bring this positive spirit with us all the way,” stated Nicholas. 

As the contestant sponsor, Trends Group Managing Director, Waimun Ho wished success for Miss PNG and encouraged her to continue to be a role model to aspiring young women in PNG.

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