Minor reshuffle, a slap in face: Talasea

The recent minor reshuffle in the O’Neill-Abel Cabinet did not go down well with the people of Talasea and West New Britain as a whole.

The reshuffle saw Talasea MP, Francis Maneke stripped off the portfolio of Communications and Information Technology Minister and given to Pangu Pati leader and Bulolo MP Sam Basil, who recently moved from the Opposition to join Government.

Chairman of the Nakanai Association Inc Patrick Loku expressed in a statement that Maneke hasn’t been given ample time to prove himself in the portfolio.

He described the reshuffle as a slap in the face for the 300,000 people of Talasea district and West New Britain.

Loku said Maneke made a brave decision as a lone member and party leader of Our Development Party, (ODP) providing his loyal support to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill during the formation of Government.

And he said for the PM to sack Maneke from the portfolio is unacceptable to his people.

Loku added that WNB has made significant contributions to the national coffers and deserve a ministerial portfolio.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill had appointed Sam Basil to take over from Maneke during the mini reshuffle on Wednesday this week.


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Freddy Mou