Milne Bay Governor Philemon, Masiu jump ship

Peoples Progress Party (PPP) Parliamentary Leader, Ben Micah, has confirmed the defection of two of the party’s parliamentary members to the Government

They are Milne Bay Governor, Titus Philemon, and South Bougainville MP, Timothy Masiu. Philemon has now joined the United Resources Party (URP), while Masiu joins the National Alliance Party.

Micah said they have accepted the resignation of both MP’s to leave PPP, which is currently a partner in the opposition ranks.

He said the defection on the eve of the elections does not affect PPP in any way and that the party is used to having MP’s jump ship.

“This is not a new thing. Our skin has become too thick dealing with this sort of behavior. So Timothy and Titus have joined a whole string of former members going back 48 years who’ve been under PPP and for some reason change their alliance. And I wish them best of luck in their new party’s they have joined and good luck to the test of wining their seats under some other party,” said Micah.

Micah also announced the appointment of Sumkar MP, Ken Fairweather, as PPP Deputy Parliamentary Leader following a caucus meeting this afternoon.

And he said they were ready to go into the elections with a small army led by the remaining five sitting MP in the PPP.

He said Fairweather as well as Party founder and former Parliamentary leader, Sir Julius Chan, bring a wealth of experience to an equally youthful party.

Micah’s said Mining Minister, Byron Chan, though still in the Government is very much an integral part of PPP, as well as Kainantu MP, Johnson Tuke.

“We believe that we have now it rock solid bottom of PPP and this is a small army but an army that cannot be underestimated, who is looking to forward to form the Government in this years election,” said Micah.

He added PPP is a survivor in PNG political sphere and will continue to survive despite MP’s abandoning it.

Cedric Patjole