Milne Bay Governor Titus Philemon

Milne Bay Governor Philemon, Masiu jump ship

They are Milne Bay Governor, Titus Philemon, and South Bougainville MP, Timothy Masiu. Philemon has now joined the United Resources Party (URP), while Masiu joins the National Alliance Party.

Micah said they have accepted the resignation of both MP’s to leave PPP, which is currently a partner in the opposition ranks.

He said the defection on the eve of the elections does not affect PPP in any way and that the party is used to having MP’s jump ship.

Video will link leaders to illegal fishing: Lawyer

During a top-level meeting, convened by Governor Titus Philemon in Alotau last week, Provincial Legal Officer Mea Arua said there was evidence of leaders encouraging locals to dive and sell beche-de-mer.

“They are prominent political leaders so our people believe what they are saying. We have notified the police and all they have to do is to notify the National Fisheries Authority that they are taking action to enforce the law.”

Political leaders involved in illegal fishing: Governor

However, concerns have also been raised about law enforcement agencies, including National Fisheries Authority, appearing to have been compromised and cannot discharge their constitutional duties with impartiality.

These were among a number of serious issues raised at an urgent top-level meeting convened by Governor Titus Philemon at his office in Alotau on Tuesday (Jan 11).

Churches guaranteed K1m annually

This follows the passage of Milne Bay Church Government Partnership Program (CGPP) Bill 2016 by the Provincial Assembly in Alotau last Tuesday (Dec 13).

The Bill, which was passed by a unanimous vote, was presented by the chairman for Community Development and president for Huhu, Lelena Metoa.

Milne Bay to focus on education, health

This is the message of its 2017 budget of more than K200 million, according to Governor Titus Philemon.

“The state of a nation is measured by its socio-economic development, growth and progess and this depends on having a healthy and educated population and a skilled and productive workforce,” he told the Provincial Assembly when he handed down the budget last Friday.

2016 difficult year for Milne Bay: Governor

Concluding the provincial budget debate on Friday, Milne Bay Governor Titus Philemon said 2016 had been a difficult and challenging year for the government, administration and the people of Milne Bay.

“This is bad news for us as leaders, for our people and for our province,” he said.

“The recession has caused a serious cash flow problem for the National Government. This has resulted in long delays in disbursement and remittances of our much-needed development grants and other funds from Waigani.

More than K200m for Milne Bay

“The Provincial Assembly passed the K200,293,500 budget by a unanimous vote  after a marathon session in Alotau on Friday (Dec 16),” the provincial government said in a statement.

“The money plan is made up of National Government grants totalling K152,499,400, K27,259,900 in unspent 2016 grants, estimated internal revenue collection of K20,294,200 and K250,000 for the Governor’s non-discretionary fund.

“The theme of the 2017 budget for the 300,000 people of Milne Bay is ‘supporting economic growth in Milne Bay through fiscal consolidation’.”

It’s your responsibility to deliver, Philemon tells leaders

The National Government is allocating a huge amount of development grants to the provinces and districts, but it depends entirely on the individual MPs and leaders to commit themselves and deliver services.

“I don’t know why leaders ask for more funds when there is enough money being frontloaded to each province and district in the form of PSIP, DSIP and LLGSIP by the National Government,” Governor Philemon said.

He stressed this while presenting his 2015 PSIP acquittal reports to the Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) in Port Moresby yesterday.