Marape explains adjournment

Prime Minister James Marape has clarified that the adjournment of Parliament to August 10, 2021 happened after Parliament ensured that its required business was concluded.

Important business including the passage of the National Energy Act 2020 and the Electricity Amendment Act was concluded.

Prime Minister James Marape in a press conference explained the reasons Parliament had adjourned to August 10, 2021.

He said all the required Parliament business was concluded before adjourning to August.

Marape also pointed out that Parliament also received an important statement from the Treasurer on the State of the economy.

The Treasurer noted in his statement that COVID-19 is both a fight for the economy, as well as a medical fight.

The Prime Minister stated that there are enormous challenges in implementing the 2021 Budget, and there are serious shortfalls in revenue collection.

He added that there are also procurement challenges because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which have affected the implementation of key projects which are designed to help stimulate economic activities.

He maintained his government is a responsible one, and is making sure that at a bare minimum, the elements of Government continue to tick over, and that there is genuine effort to address the spread of the virus.

He called for urgent and responsible leadership at all levels of the Government to ensure that the effort is coordinated.

Freddy Mou