Manase requests judicial recount

Sitting member for Kandep Open Alfred Manase has disputed the inclusion of three ballot boxes in the recent Kandep Judicial recount.

Following a motion hearing this morning, the declaration results for the Judicial recount of the Kandep Open seat drags on after presiding Judge Justice David Cannings reserved his decision for this coming Thursday 15th April

On Wednesday last week, sitting member Alfred Manase filed an application disputing the results of the ordered judicial recount.

Through his submission this morning, he disputed the inclusion of three ballot boxes by the returning officer.

He argued that the RO had breached the Supreme court order number five of the December 21st 2020 decision.

Through his lawyer he submitted that the Court order another Judicial recount.

Petitioner Don Polye argued that the returning officer did not breach the orders.

Polye’s lawyer submitted that the motion of application be dismissed and the recount results be endorsed declaring Don Polye as the member for Kandep Open.

The matter is adjourned for Thursday for ruling.

Jemimah Sukbat