Kandep judicial recount

Polye is Kandep MP

Justice David Cannings made the declarations this morning at the Waigani National Court.

Don Polye was endorsed as the elected leader following an election petition he had filed at the Supreme Court in 2017 disputing the election results which declared Alfred Manase as the member.            

On the 20th of December 2020, the court ordered for a judicial recount of the 2017 election results.

Manase requests judicial recount

Following a motion hearing this morning, the declaration results for the Judicial recount of the Kandep Open seat drags on after presiding Judge Justice David Cannings reserved his decision for this coming Thursday 15th April

On Wednesday last week, sitting member Alfred Manase filed an application disputing the results of the ordered judicial recount.

Through his submission this morning, he disputed the inclusion of three ballot boxes by the returning officer.

Kandep judicial recount to cost K3m: PNGEC

The Waigani National Court last week ordered a recount after upholding the election petition filed by runner-up and former MP Don Polye on grounds of errors and omissions by the Electoral Commission.

Justice Colin Makail in his decision upheld two of the six grounds that went to trial, and they were mostly to do with errors and omissions by the Electoral Commission: