Manam resettlement audit done

Audit into the funds allocated for the resettlement of the people of Manam on mainland Bogia has been completed with the report to be forwarded to the Auditor General’s office.

Minister for Finance, Renbo Paita, stated this in Parliament last week after being questioned by Bogia MP,  Robert Naguri.

Member for Bogia,  Robert Naguri, questioned on the floor of Parliament on the status of the funding for the relocation of the Manam people.

“This matter is in regard to monies for the Manam Resettlement Authority that were misappropriated by the Madang Provincial Government. Now I asked for an audit into the usage of these monies, though it was conducted to date, it’s been over a year and I haven’t received any report on the status of these monies”, said the member. 

Naguri said he would like to take further action with the police fraud squad over alleged misappropriation of the funds.

Naguri told Parliament that the Manam Resettlement Authority is ready to carry out its functions, however funding is an issue.

Finance Minister Renbo Paita explained that the NEC has appointed a new competent CEO to the Manam Resettlement Authority, confirming that the audit into the funds has been completed.

"The audit has been completed. Now from our side, we are just to forward that audit report to the Auditor General’s Office and few of the recommendations has to be sent to the Auditor General and to PAC, for PAC deliberation”, said Paita.

Minister Paita said going forward, funding allocation for the Manam resettlement will be sent directly to the Manam Resettlement Authority.

Jemimah Sukbat