Loop PNG stands by key facts

Loop PNG stands by the key facts of the story published on 9 April 2020 about the K23 million of taxpayer funds earmarked by the National Government for the COVID19 response.

Any misunderstanding, though regrettable, was not deliberate or intentional, and Loop PNG rejects all assertions to the contrary.

Loop PNG also rejects any attempts to interfere with its editorial independence, which is a cornerstone of Papua New Guinean democracy.

Loop PNG has a proud history of journalistic integrity and independence which it strives to uphold in every story. This is consistent with the fundamental role of the media in our democracy, which is to hold the government of the day to full account without fear or favour. Loop PNG will continue to play that important role throughout the State of Emergency and beyond.

We welcome the detailed breakup of how the funds have been spent so far, which the Minister for Police posted on social media.

We look forward to keeping Papua New Guineans informed about how their taxes are being spent in the COVID19 response, along with that of the K5.6 billion economic stimulus package being sourced by the National Government from local and foreign providers.

Loop PNG is committed to continuing our work with the Government to inform the public about COVID-19 initiatives.

(Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey during a recent interview with Loop PNG)