Lelang demands accountability for Public Health

Opposition leaner and member for Kandrian Gloucester Joseph Lelang has joined his party leader and former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in demanding more accountability on public health in the country.

In a statement issued today, Lelang accused the government of losing focus and not running the country’s affairs effectively. He was specific about the health sector.

While acknowledging tha problems like the shortages of drugs was nothing new to the country, he is concerned that this has been a recurring problem with no solutions in sight to address this.

Lelang also noted the recommendations made by the Public Accounts Committee which pointed out clearly that the public health system in PNG was dysfunctional.

He then asked why these recommendations were not implemented.

“We need to address the deterioration in health facilities at the Port Moresby General Hospital and elsewhere. We need to start addressing concerns by medical students of inadequate medical facilities and equipment that are crucial to their studies; that they become good doctors in the future,” stated Lelang.

The Opposition leader called for an audit investigation into the National Department of Health and into the Port Moresby General Hospital.

“I am calling on relevant agencies like the Ombudsman Commission and Auditor General’s Office to commence an audit investigation into the appalling state of Port Moresby General Hospital, why are we running out of basic drugs and why there are no proper equipment for our medical schools.

“This is a management issue and it is in the public interest that an audit is carried out. We demand answers as the why health issues were allowed to reach critical levels”, Lelang concluded.

Loop author