Lawes hanging: Blood clot found in back of woman’s head

A blot of clotted blood has been found in the back of the head of a Simbu woman who was found hanging at her Port Moresby home a week ago.

This recent discovery was made during a post mortem carried out on Thursday, 02nd of November, at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

Police homicide say this may now prove to be a lead into their suspicions regarding the death of the woman, whose body was found suspended from a ceiling at Lawes Road in the early hours of Saturday, Oct 28.

Police say the blood clot points out that the deceased may have been hit on the head with a solid object by someone who was either behind or above her. It may also mean that she was hit whilst defending herself in crouched position. 

The woman was in her early thirties.

Homicide had established from the beginning that her death seemed highly suspicious, questioning the prospect of suicide.

Four male suspects were apprehended at that time and detained.

Homicide believe that the woman could have been murdered outside of her home then later brought in and hanged, disguising it as a suicide.

The four suspects are in police custody and they recently handed in their statements.

The homicide unit says they will continue to look for leads into this case, however, the recent discovery has opened up new prospects.

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