Lawes Road hanging

Lawes Rd hanging: Suspects arrested

The deceased, from Simbu province, was found hanging at one of the houses at Lawes Road, Port Moresby. She was discovered in the earlier hours of October 21.

Upon arriving at the crime scene, homicide detectives suspected that foul play was involved. This was due to bruises being evident hours after her death, including strangulation marks on her throat.

Officer-in-charge of the National Capital District police homicide unit, Ulagis Mantu, told this newsroom that the arrests were made according to investigations.

Lawes hanging: Blood clot found in back of woman’s head

This recent discovery was made during a post mortem carried out on Thursday, 02nd of November, at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

Police homicide say this may now prove to be a lead into their suspicions regarding the death of the woman, whose body was found suspended from a ceiling at Lawes Road in the early hours of Saturday, Oct 28.