Law students observe court sitting

First and third year law students attending the University of Papua New Guinea today took a more practical approach to learning.

They attended the morning court sessions at the Waigani National Court house.

The group was divided into three groups and observed court proceedings in the criminal courts, judicial review track as well as commercial courts.

They were met by deputy registrar David Gonol before they were taken around to the allocated court rooms.

The group that observed the criminal court sessions before Justice Panuel Mogish were given the opportunity to ask questions after his honour addressed them.

Justice Mogish told them that it was good to attend court as they experience more and learn from attending.

He explained the setting of a typical court room before expanding on the Criminal Court track in Papua New Guinea, where he is the administrative judge.

The criminal courts in Papua New Guinea are divided into two main tracks; Fraud and Corruption related offence and general crimes.

(Pictured are some of the students who attended court session today)

Sally Pokiton