Lambom Health Center Expansion Progressing Well

The expansion of the facilities at Lambom Health Centre in New Ireland Province is progressing swiftly.

With the contractor, Islands Building and Maintenance, making significant strides towards completion. Two staff houses, integral to the extension, are currently under construction.

The workmen have commenced laying the foundations with the project well on track for timely completion, with both the observation ward and staff houses slated for delivery by early January 2024.

The framework for the observation ward's roof and the two staff houses is set for installation, highlighting the efficiency of the construction process. This development aligns with the New Ireland Provincial Government's commitment to enhancing healthcare infrastructure and services for its citizens.

NIPG has allocated K300,000 to this project, exemplifying its dedication to improving healthcare accessibility in remote areas. This investment reflects the government's policy of "The further you are, the more we care," ensuring that essential services reach even the most distant communities.

Loop Author