Lae command eyes new communications centre

The Lae metropolitan command is planning on building a new communications centre as it anticipates an increase in workload for their communications section.

This follows the installation of Police Emergency Toll Free number over a year ago, Facebook page and soon-to-be launched Police & Security radio networking.

In a statement, Chief Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr said he has been in close consultation with stakeholders to find ways to build a new communications centre.

“Police Operations room is manned 24/7 with rotational shifts. Members in this area coordinate daily Police Operations. The toll free number is catered for here,” said the chief superintendent.

“Currently they are operating out of a small rundown office space.

“We are on the verge of increasing connectivity with the public by means of increasing the capacity of the emergency toll free number and other initiatives to be launched soon.

“All our new Police vehicles have GPS installed and we will extend this to some of our already existing fleet.

“The Communications Centre caters for the monitoring and deployment of vehicles for tasks.

“CCTV will be trialled at the Main Market soon with plans to extend to Town bus stop if all works out well. I would like to see proper CCTV system be set up in heavily populated areas within the Metropolitan Command and monitored from the Police Operations Centre.

“With the increased responsibility, this will ultimately make the Police Operations Centre become the nerve centre of all Police Operations.”

Wagambie Jnr said their service will not only cater for Lae City but extend to Morobe, Madang, Eastern Highlands and beyond.

“Especially when members of the public are reporting Police related matters and cannot get through their local Police, we will be available to assist and pass on the information for Police to attend to,” he stated.

“I am quite delighted with the number of business houses who have shown their interest to assist us in this regard.

“I am hopeful that one way or the other, the plans for a new, better equipped, modern Police Communications Centre be built for the benefit of public safety for the people of Lae, Morobe and neighbouring provinces when there is a need.”

Press release