Kramer on Maserati purchase

The importation of super sports cars became a scandal due to the struggles faced by ordinary Papua New Guineans.

Opposition MP Bryan Kramer said this covers, but is not limited to, polio outbreak, collapsing health systems and teachers’ payment issues.

In an interview with this newsroom, Kramer said ironically, when these luxury sedans arrived in the country last week, thousands of teachers received unexplained pay cuts in the same fortnight.

Kramer alleged that the vehicles were procured by a Sir Lankan company called Ideal Choice on behalf of the Government. He estimated the vehicles to be at a market value of around K40 million.

“So these vehicles I obtained an invoice even though when the APEC Minister was questioned regarding the purchase of vehicles, he failed to or refused to disclose details of how much these vehicles cost,” he stated.

“This invoice is very clear. The name is Christopher Hawkins, APEC CEO, so that means we paid for them.”

Kramer further said the invoice is legitimate, as he held up the Ideal Choice Ltd proforma invoice with a total cost of US$6.3 million in payment, which is equivalent to K21 million.

“These vehicles were flown into PNG. Most Papua New Guineans cannot even afford a ticket to fly and visit their family or to go home,” the MP stated.

“These vehicles were flown halfway across the world at a cost of K4 million.”

Kramer further queried why the Government would purchase these Italian vehicles through a third party from Sri Lanka, as both these countries are not APEC members.

In response to Kramer’s statements, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said the third party were authorised agents for Maserati in the region.

PM O’Neill said you cannot buy from anyone but authorised dealers, and the same principle applies to other cars like Mercedes or Range Rover.  

Carmella Gware